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Endocrine Paraneoplastic Syndrome (FAQ)

Syndrome Chiefly associates with
1. SIADH (Hyponatremia) (LQ 2012) Small cell lung Ca, 
Head & Neck cancer
2. Cushing's syndrome Small cell lung Ca
Carcinoid Tumour
3. Hypercalcemia of malignancy Non small cell lung Ca (squamous)
Breast Ca, Renal Ca, Myeloma, Bladder Ca, Head & Neck Ca
4. Acromegaly Carcinoid tumour, Small cell Lung Ca, Pancreatic Islet tumour
5. Gynecomastia Testicular Ca,. Lung Ca, Carcinoid Tumour of lung and GIT
6. Gynecomastia Sarcomas, Hepatoma


Note: Hypercalcemia occur in squamous cell lung cancer. it does not occur in small cell lung cancer.

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