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  • Human glucagon is produced by A cells of the pancreatic islets and the L cells of upper GIT.
  • Glucagon secretion begins by 8th week.
  • In L cells, it is processed primarily to glicentin, a polypeptide that consists of glucagon plus glucagon-like polypeptides 1 and 2 (GLP-1 and GLP-2). Some oxyntomodulin is also formed.
  • Glicentin has some glucagon activity. GLP-1 is a potent stimulator of insulin secretion .
  • GLP-2 lowers food intake. Oxyntomodulin inhibits gastric acid secretion & Appetite.
  • Glucagon is glycogenolytic, gluconeogenic, lipolytic, and ketogenic
  • Glucagon has a half-life in the circulation of 5 to 10 min.
  • Stimulators are: Amino acids, CCK, gastrin, Cortisol, Exercise, Infections, Stress, β-Adr. stimulator & Ach
  • Inhibitors are: Glucose, Somatostatin, Secretin, FFA, Ketone, Insulin, Phenytoin, α- Adr. stimulator, GABA

Hyperglycemic Hormones are:

  1. Glucagon                                         
  2. Cortisol
  3. Catecholamines                                
  4. GH                                        
  5. Thyroid hormones

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