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Instruments of Importance in Public Health

Instrument Use
Ice lined refrigerator (ILR) Cold chain temperature maintenance
Dial Thermometer Cold chain temperature monitoring
Horrock's Apparatus Chlorine demand estimation in water
Chlorinator, Chloronome Mixing/regulating the dose of chlorine in water
Chloroscope Measuring level of residual chlorine in drinking water
Winchester Quart bottle Assess physical and chemical quality of drinking water
Kata Thermometer Assess cooling power of air and air velocity (Latter Currently)
Anemometer Assess air/wind velocity
Hygrometer and Sling Psychrometer Assess air humidity (moisture content of air)
Assman Psychrometer Assess air humidity (moisture content of air)
Mercurial Barometer Atmospheric pressure
Anaeroid Barometer Atmospheric pressure
Wind Vane Assess air/wind direction
Salter's scale Field Instrument for Low Birth Weight (LBW)
Infantometer Length of infants
Stadiometer Height of adults
Shakir's Tape Mid-Arm Circumference (MAC)
Sound Level Meter Measures intensity of sound
Band Frequency Analyzer Characteristic of sound (pitch)
Audiometer Hearing ability assessment

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