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Some Important Points

  1. Water required for drinking purpose: 2LPCPD
  2. Bacteriological indicators of water quality: Coliforms, Fecal streptococci, Cl. Perfringens
  3. E.coli & F. streptococci & Cl. Perfringens together denote recent fecal contamination of water
  4. Cl.perfringens alone in the absence of E.coli & F.streptococci denote remote fecal contamination of water
  5. Amount of residual chlorine in water is measured by: Chloroscope
  6. Presence of residual chlorine in water is demonstrated by: OT & OTA tests
  7. Most active form of chlorine: Hypochlorous acid
  8. Most common air pollutant: CO
  9. Indicators of air pollution: Smoke, SO2, NO2, SPM
  10. Most important indicator of air pollution: SO2
  11. Level of sound tolerated by human ear: 85 dB
  12. Level of sound causing permanent hearing loss: 100 dB
  13. Level of sound causing rupture of ear drum: 160 dB
  14. Sewage: waste water from community containing solid & liquid excreta
  15. Sullage: waste water from community devoid of excreta
  16. Strength of sewage is measured in terms of : BOD, COD & Suspended solids

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