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Concepts to be remembered

  1. Social medicine: Study of man as a social being in his environment i.e effect of social factors on health
  2. State medicine: Provision of free medical services to the people at govt. expense
  3. Socialized medicine: Provision of medical services & professional education by the state as in state medicine, but the programmme is being regulated by a professional body for good clinical practice.
  4. History

a.   Theory of contagion



b.   Tridosha theory of disease



c.   Germ theory of disease


Louis Pasteur

d.   Spontaneous generation theory



e.   Multifactorial disease causation



f.    Father of Indian surgery



g.   Father of surgery


Ambroise Pare

h.   Father of Medicine



i.    Father of Public Health



j.    Father of Epidemiology


John snow

  1. Concept of Disability:
    Disease→ Impairment→ Disability→  Handicap→
    1. Impairment: Loss or abnormality of structure or function e.g loss of foot, defective vision.
    2. Disability: Inability to carry out a function considered normal for the age, sex, or level of training e.g unable to walk.
    3. Handicap: The disadvantages in life experienced by the person as a result of his disability or inability to fulfill the social roles e.g unemployed.
  2. Interval
    1. Serial interval: time interval between the onset of primary & secondary case.
    2. Incubation period: time interval between the receipt of infection and appearance of first signs & symptoms.
    3. Generation time: Receipt of infection & development of maximum infectivity.
    4. Communicable period: Till the time infection can be directly or indirectly transmitted to the others.

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