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Feature of bronchiectasis is

A Copious purulent sputum
B Hemoptysis

C Clubbing
D All of the above

Ans. D

All of the above

Extra Edge

1). Persistent cough; copious purulent sputum Q, maximum in the morning in a particular posture Q. intermittent hemoptysis Q,

2). Sometimes hemoptysis alone may be the presenting feature (Bronchiectasis Sicca Q)

3). Signs: finger clubbing Q; coarse inspiratory crepitations Q rhonchi.

Extra Edge: Investigation and treatment


1). Sputum culture.

2). CXR: cystic shadows, thickened bronchial walls (Tram Tract appearance and ring shadowsQ).

3). HRCT chest: is the investigation of choice. (Harrison 17th edition, Page 1630)

4). Spirometry often shows an obstructive pattern.


1). Postural drainage should be performed twice daily.

2). Chest physiotherapy may aid sputum expectoration and mucous drainage.

3). Antibiotic Treatment: Antibiotics targeting the causative or presumptive pathogen (with Haemophilus influenzae and P. aeruginosa isolated commonly) should be administered in acute exacerbations, usually for a minimum of 7–10 days. (Ref. Hari-18th ed., Pg- 2143)

4). Bronchodilators.

5). Surgery may be indicated in localized disease or to control severe hemoptysis

In severe cases lung transplantation is done.