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Feature of shock lung is (AIIMS Nov 2011)­

A Diffuse alveolar damage

B Usual interstitial pneumonitis

C Organizing pneumonia

D Bronchiolitis

Ans. A

Diffuse alveolar damage

1). ARDS is a clinical syndrome caused by diffuse alveolar capillary damage.

2). It is characterized clinically by the rapid onset of severe life-threatening respiratory insufficiency, cyanosis, and severe arterial hypoxemia that is refractory to oxygen therapy and that may progress to extrapulmonary multisystem organ failure.

3). Chest radiographs shows diffuse alveolar infiltration.

4). Diffuse alveolar damage (DAD) is the histologic manifestation. (Robins, 7th edition, page no 715)

5). ARDS, or acute lung injury, caused by direct lung injury or occur secondary to severe systemic illness.

6). Lung damage and release of inflammatory mediator cause increased capillary permeability and non-cardiogenic pulmonary edema often accompanied by multiorgan failure.