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  1. Structure 
    Motilin is a polypeptide having 22 amino acids.
  2. Site
    It is secreted by enterochromaffin cells and Mo cells in the stomach, small intestine and colon. 
  3. Actions
    1. causes contraction of the smooth muscles of the stomach and intestine
    2. it is the main regulator of the migrating motor complexes (MMCs); MMCs  control the gastrointestinal motility between meals (i.e. in the inter-digestive phase). The blood level of motilin increases at intervals of about 100 minutes in the inter-digestive phase.
  4. Mechanism of Actions
    Motilin acts on G protein-coupled receptors present on the neurons in the duodenum and colon. erythromycin binds to these motilin receptors; thus, it may be useful in patients with decreased gastrointestinal motility.

Neurotensin is a polypeptide having 13 amino acids.


It is secreted from neurons and cells in ileum; its release is stimulated by fatty acids

c. Actions

i. inhibits GI motility

ii. increases blood flow in ileum

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