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Persistent Diarrhoea

Diarrhoea that starts as an acute episode and lasts at least 14 days is said to be persistent



  1. Persistent infection
  2. Malabsorption particularly of carbohydrate and fat
  3. Dietary protein intolerance 

Majority of patients with persistent diarrhoea pass several loose stools daily but remain well hydrated The major consequences of persistent diarrhoea are

  1. Growth faltering
  2. Worsening of malnutrition
  3. Death during a subsequent diarrhoeal or non-diarrhoeal illnesses

Dietary algorithm for-the treatment of Persistent diarrhea.


The Initial Diet A → Reduce lactose diet


The Second Diet B  Lactose free diet with reduced starch


The Third Diet C  Monosaccharide based diet

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