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Reyes Syndrome

REYE'S SYNDROME or fatty liver with encephalopathy occurs exclusively in children less than 15 years of age.
  1. Its cause is unknown, although viral agents and drugs, especially salicylates, have been implicated. The clinical features are vomiting and signs of progressive central nervous system damage, signs of hepatic injury, and hypoglycemia.
  2. There is extensive fatty vacuolization of the liver and renal tubules.
  3. The major extrahepatic changes include fatty changes of the renal tubular cells, cerebral edema, and neuronal degeneration of the brain.
  4. The onset follows an upper respiratory tract infection, especially with influenza or chickenpox.
  5. Within 1 to 3 days, persistent vomiting occurs, together with stupor, which progresses rapidly to convulsions and coma.
Features of Reye's syndrome Qare as under:
Despite hepatomegaly, jaundice is typically absent or minimal. Elevation of serum aminotransferases
Increased prothrombin time Hypoglycemia
Respiratory alkalosis Metabolic acidosis
Elevated serum ammonia

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