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Carbon Dioxide

  1. Colourless, pungent, liquid state in grey cylinders, should be mounted vertically like nitrous oxide and cyclopropane
  2. Stimulate respiration. Sympathetic stimulation
  3. Uses
    1. To increases the depth of anesthesia
    2. Produce hyperventilation and facilitate blind nasal intubation
    3. Increase cerebral blood flow during carotid artery surgery
    4. Production of hypothermia by vasodilatation
    5. Distend the abdomen during laparoscope
    6. Cryoprobes
    7. Production of laser
  4. Disadvantages
    Stimulant of sympathetic nervous system
  5. Important Points:-
    1. CO2 Increases the cerebral blood flow and increase intracranial pressure.
    2. Gases stored as liquid under pressure - N2O, Entonox
    3. Gases stored in liquid phase - cyclopropane, CO2.

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