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  1. It is similar to isoflurane except fluorine atom of isoflurane is replaced by chlorine atom which produces significant changes in physical properties. 

NOTE: Desflurane irritates air passage leading to cough and  laryngospasm because of the pungent odour of its vapours.

  1. Physical Properties
    1. It is colourless liquid
    2. Pungent odour so induction is not pleasant.
    3. Vapour pressure is very high (681 mm Hg) and boiling point is less than 23oC, so it boils at room temperature that is why a special vaporizer (TEC 6) is required for its delivery.
  2. Anesthetic Properties
    1. It is the fastest acting induction agent (B/G coefficient 0.42), potency is medium (MAC is 6%).
    2. Induction is unpleasant and may at times manifests as coughing, breath holding or laryngospasm.
    3. Not a good analgesic, relaxation is moderate.
  3. Systemic Effects:
    1. Cardiovascular System: Actions are similar to isoflurane except it does not causes coronary steal.
    2. Respiration: Decreases minute volume and depresses ventilatory responses.
    3. Cerebral: Increases intracranial tension more than isoflurane.
    4. Metabolism is least  only 0.01%
    5. Can cause post operative delirium
    6. Can produce CARBON MONOXIDE  with reaction with sodalime

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