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  1. Not a very commonly used agent in India. It is halogenated ether.
  2. Physical Properties
    1. Colourless
    2. Etheral odor
    3. Non inflammable at clinical concentration but inflammable at higher concentration (above 5%).
  3. Systemic Effects
    1. Cardiovascular System:
      1. Decreases BP, cause bradycardia and so decreases cardiac output.
      2. Sensitizes myocardium to adrenaline (but much less than halothane).
    2. Cerebral:
      1. It increases intracranial tension.
      2. At high doses it produces spike and wave pattern in EEG which culminates into frank tonic clonic seizures.
  4. Contraindications
    1. Epilepsy
    2. Renal diseases

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