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  1. Properties
    1. Highly inflammable & explosive
    2. Highly volatile
    3. Highly irritant vapour, pungent smell
    4. MAC - 1.92
    5. B/G coff. 12.0 - so induction & recovery are very slow
    6. Cheap, Can be given by open drop method, requires minimum instruments so can be used at small hospitals in remote areas.
    7. Induction  is very unpleasant & slow. Decomposed by light, air and heat
  2. Effects:
    1. CVS: ­Sympathetic stimulation there by it is good for maintenance of HR & BP intraoperatively
      Does not sensitize heart to adrenaline
    2. Resp:­
      1. Salivation & respiratory secretion (Atropine should always be given before), laryngeal spasm may occur
      2. Bronchodilator: so can be safely used in asthmatics
    3. Muscle:
      V. good relaxant
      V. Good analgesic
    4. Very high incidence of most of nausea & vomiting
    5. Metabolism does not produce any toxic effect (4% is metabolized)
    6. Can be given by following Vaporizers
      1. EMO inhaler,
      2. Copper kettle,
      3. Boyles bottle,
      4. Oxford miniature vaporizer.

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