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  1. Preoxygenation
    This is not mandatory. It may or maynot precede INDUCTION the next step. It depends upon requirement.
    AIM of preoxygenation is to increase the oxygen reserve of the body. normal functional residual capacity of body is 2.5 L.
    When FRC COMPRISES of room air oxygen content will last for 2-3 mins of period of apnea.
    But when FRC COMPRISES of 100% 02 oxygen content will last for 8-10 mins of period of apnea.
  2. Induction
    Defined as conciousness to unconciousness
    There is two method of INDUCTION
    1. inhalational - more commonly practiced in pediatric patients
    2. intravenous - more common mode practiced in adult patients.
  3. After induction bag and mask ventilation checked.
  4. Muscle Relaxation for intubation: depolarising/ nondepolarising muscle relaxant.
  5. Intubation
  6. Maintainance of GA
    Two ways- inhalational / intravenous
  7. Reversal- reversal by stopping the maintainance agent

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