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  1. Physical Properties
    1. Sweet odour
    2. Non irritant
    3. Non inflammable
    4. Boiling point more than water (104oC).
    5. Highly soluble in rubber tubings of closed circuit.
  2. Anesthetic Properties
    1. Most potent inhalational agent (MAC 0.16%).
    2. Slowest induction and recovery (Blood gas coefficient 15)
    3. Good analgesic
    4. Good muscle relaxant
  3. Systemic Effects:
    1. Cardiovascular System:
      1. Sensitizes heart to adrenaline.
      2. Causes bradycardia and decreased cardiac output.
    2. Liver: It is hepatotoxic.
    3. Renal:
      1. Methoxyflurane yields highest concentrations of fluoride (F) ie. 80 μm which can damage the tubules
      2. can cause vasopressin resistant high output (polyuric) renal failure.
      3. Methoxyflurane is contraindicated in renal disease.

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