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  1. Potent analgesic
  2. S/E Nausea & Vomiting
  3. Soda lime produces toxic product Dichloroacetylene which cause Nerve Palsies. & produces phosgene.
  4. Most common nerve involved with Trilene, 5th All except 1, 9 & 11 may be involve.

Recent advances

Xenon anaesthesia
  1. XENON- is inert, Colourless and odourless gas with no irritation to the respiratory tract. Well tolerated with gas induction
  2. Low blood/gas and oil/water partition co-efficient allowing rapid induction and eduction (AIIMS Nov 06)
  3. Produces unconsciousness with analgesia and a degree of muscle relaxation
  4. MAC of 60-70% allows a reasonable inspired oxygen concentration
  5. It does cause respiratory depression, to the point of apnea.
  6. It is cardiac stable.
  7. Not metabolized in the body and is eliminated rapidly and completely via the lungs.
  8. It is non toxic and is not associated with allergic reactions
  9. Stable in storage, no interaction with anaesthesia circuits or soda lime. Should not be used with rubber anaesthesia circuits as there is a high loss through the rubber
  10. Non flammable. (AIIMS Nov 06)
  11. Expensive - Routine usage will only be possible with a closed circuit delivery system that recycles xenon.
  12. Owing to environmental concerns there may be no alternative but to use xenon even if it incurs an increase in cost.

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