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Biogradable implants

Most absorbable fixation is a composite of PGA, PLLA, PDLLA



  1. No need for implant removal
  2. Stresses are gradually transferred to healing bone so stress shielding will be minimized (load sharing)
  3. Can be used in MRI and CT
  4. Lack of prominent screw head
  5. Rods may decrease possibility of pin track infection caused by K-wires
  6. Recognition of bony alignment on radiographs
  1. Cost of implant
  2. Does not resist shear forces as well as metal fixation
  3. Foreign body reaction
Bridgeable implants have advantage of avoiding implant removal after fracture union but also have a major drawback of having less strength making it unsuitable for diaphyseal fracture.


Extra Edge.
Regarding Surgical Excision of fracture fragment
Lateral condyle fractures mostly occur in children and is Salter Harris type IV epiphyseal injury. So it is never excised due to probability of growth disturbance.
Done in commutated fracture patella, olecranon and head radius.

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