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Bone Grafting Sites

  1. Ilium (Pelvis)
    1. This is an ideal source of bone graft because it is relatively subcutaneous, has natural curvatures that are useful in fashioning grafts, has ample cancellous bone & has cortical bone of varying thickness. Removal of bone carries minimal risk & usually no significant residual disability.
    2. Posterior superior iliac spine is the best source of cancellous bone
    3. Anterior iliac crest is the best source of bicortical & cortico — cancellous graft.
If only small amount of cancellous bone is needed or if it is contraindicated or inconvenient to use the iliac crest, other sites are:
  1. Olecranon
  2. Radial styloid
  3. Anterior aspect of greater trochanter
  4. Distal femoral condyle
  5. Proximal tibial metaphysis
  6. Distal tibial metaphysis
Extra Edge
Fibula is the commonest source of cortical bone graft.

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