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Open Fractures

Fracture classification on the basis of relationship with external environment
Closed - Fracture - A fracture hematoma not communicating with external environment.
Open - Fracture - A fracture Hematoma communicating with external environment.
Fig: Open fracture
Gustilo & Anderson Classification of open fracture
Type / Grade
Characteristic Feature
Clean wound of < 1 cm length
Low energy trauma
Inside out injury
Minimal soft tissue injury
Wound > 1cm in length without extensive soft tissue damage
Mild to moderate crushing
Mild to moderate comminution
Wound associated with extensive soft tissue damage usually > 5-10 cm
High energy trauma
Significant comminution
Fractures more than 8 hours old
Farmyard injuries
Gunshot injuries
Open segmental #
Traumatic Amputation laceration
Adequate periosteal cover ± compartment syndrome
Extensive soft tissue with minimal periosteal
stripping and have adequate bone coverage
So do not usually require major reconstructive surgery to
provide skin _coverage
Significant periosteal stripping
Require soft tissue reconstruction (Flap) for coverage
Vascular repair required to revascularized leg
Require soft tissue reconstruction for cover.


Tscherene’s Classification of Skin Lesions in Closed Fraction (IC – Integument closed

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