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Bacterial nutrition


A.  All bacterial have 3 major nutritional needs

  1. Source of carbon (cellular components)
  2. Source of nitrogen (proteins)
  3. Source of energy (synthesis of macromolecules & to maintain chemical gradients) 

Basic building blocks required for growth are the same for all cells; bacteria vary widely in their ability to use different sources of these molecules

Extra Edge

E-Test = a diffusion method of sensitivity testing, uses the principle of predefined antibiotic gradient on a plastic strip to generate a MIC value API (manual) , Vitek (automated), Microscan (manual or automated) are commercial bacterial identification systems where as Vitek 2 is automated antimicrobial susceptibility test system in which algorithmic analysis of growth kinetics is performed by system’s software to derive MIC data, available as early as 6-8 hrs for most clinically relevant bacteria.

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