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Glomerular filtration rate is best estimated by which of the following: (LQ)

B Inulin clearance

C Hippuric acid
D Creatinine clearance

Ans. B Inulin clearance

The GFR can be measured by measuring the excretion and plasma level of a substance that is:

1. Freely filtered through glomeruli Q

2. Not secreted by renal tubules Q

3. Not reabsorbed by renal tubules Q

4. Not stored in kidney Q

5. Nontoxic Q

6. Has no effect on GFR Q

INULIN is a product of Dhalia tubers It is a polymer of fructose with a molecular weight of 5200 which meets the above criteria and is best for measuring GFR Normal GFR of an average man is 125 mI/minute Q