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Campylobacter Jejuni


  1. Spiral, GN; single by polar flagellum, darting motility
  2. Thermophilic 42°C, micro aero philic
  3. Gull wing appearance on wet mount of stool
  4. 4-35% of fecal specimens of pts with acute diarrheal disease, faeco-oral (raw milk, partially cooked poultry, contaminated water); present in GIT of wild and domestic animals
  1. Mechanism of diarrhea
    1. Heat labile enterotoxin resembling CT
    2. Invasion like Shigella
    3. Cytotoxin
  2. Media
    1. Transport: Cary Blair medium
    2. Selective: Skirrow’s, Campy BAP, Butzler’s (contain antibiotics as selective agents)
  3. Incubation period-2-7 days after intake of contaminated poultry,, raw contaminated milk, contaminated water Reservoir- GIT of domestic animals.
  4. Complication-20-50% of GBS due to campylobacter (basis-molecular mimicry).

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