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  1. Gram +ve coccobacillus, nonsporing, noncapsulate, nonacid fast, catalase +,aerobe & facultative anaerobe, H2S -, Coagulase -, ß hemolytic
  2. Motile at room temperature (25°C) not at 37°C; tumbling motility
  3. Beta hemolysis on BA: listeriolysin
  4. L. monocytogenes and L. ivanovii associated with human disease
  5. Ubiquitous in soil, water, sewage : 5-10% GIT and GUT of humans
  6. Soil, water, sewage, mastitis in cows (milk); cooked meat, milk and cheese
  7. Growth at 4°C(cold enrichment), therefore refrigeration does not kill.
  8. Can also grow at 45C and in 10% salt
  9. Anton’s test and CAMP test
    Infections – affinity for placenta and CNS
  10. Pregnancy & neonatal
  11. Maternal : asymptomatic or mild illness. In pregnancy 17-fold risk of bacteremia.
  12. Foetus : abortion, still birth, neonatal death, meningitis, septicemia
  13. Granulomatosis infantiseptica in neonates-pustular skin and visceral abscesses
  14. Late : more than 5 days -meningitis; (acquired from nursing staff, other neonates)
  15. In Adult or juvenile- Meningitis, septicemia, endocarditis but rare
  16. In elderly or immunocompromised- meningitis (2nd M/C after S. pneumoniae
  17. Food poisoning (coleslaw, soft cheese)
  18. Treatment: Ampicillin, gentamicin

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