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HbA1c level in blood explains:(LQ)

A Acute rise of sugar

B Long term status of blood sugar

C Hepatorenal syndrome

D Chronic pancreatitis

Ans. B Long term status of blood sugar

Glycated Hb is abnormally high in diabetic with chronic hyperglycmeia and reflects their metabolic control.

Glycated Hemoglobin (HbA1)

a. It is produced by nonenyzmatic condensation of glucose molecules with free amino groups on the globin component of Hb.

b. The major form of glycohemoglobin in termed Hb Alc, which normally comprises only 4-6% of total Hb.

c. The remaining glycohemoglobins (2-4% of total) consist of phosphorylated glucose or fructose and are termed HbA1a and Hb Alb

Since, glycohemoglobin circulate within RBCs whose 'life "span lasts upto 120 days, they generally reflect the state of glycemia over the preceding 8-12 Weeks Q

In Hb AIC, a glucose attached to the NH2 group of terminal valine in each β chain. Q