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  1. Orbits are pyramidal bony cavities, situated one on each side ofthe root of nose. They provide sockets for rotator movements of eye ball. Orbit is four-side pyramide with an apex, a base and following four walls :-







Orbital plate offrontal (mainly)

Lesser wing of sphenoid

Lateral wall

Anterior surface of greater wing of sphenoidv
Orbital surface of frontal process of zygomatic bone


Orbital surface of maxilla (mainly)

Orbital surface of zygomatic

Orbital process of palatine bone

Medial wall

Frontal process of maxilla
Lacrimal bone

Orbital plate of ethmoid
Body of sphenoid

  1. Medial wall is the weakest walland lateral wall is thickest.
  2. Inferior orbital fissure occupies the posterior part offunction between lateral wall and floor.
  3. Superior orbital fissure occupies the posterior part of the junction between the roof and lateral wall.
  4. Optic canal lies at the junction of roof and medial wall, and is enclosed by lesser wing and body ofsphenoid.

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