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Sickle cell Anemia

  1. Due to substitution of valine for glutamic acid on the β polypeptide chain.
  2. In the oxygenated state Hbs functions normally but under conditions of anoxia and acidosis, the erythrocytes are deformed into sickle shaped cell. The distorted cell blocks the capillaries and causes local anoxemia. 

Clinical manifestations

  1. Acute sickle dactylitis, presenting as the hand-foot syndrome, is frequently the 151 overt evidence that sickle . cell disease is present.
  2. Acute painful crisis
  3. Vaso occlusive crisis
    1. 0 Autosplenectomy
    2. 0 Acute chest syndrome
  4. Aplastic crisis
  5. Other Features
    1. 0 Stroke
    2. 0 Polyuria
    3. 0 Priapism 


  1. Electrophoresis to demostrate HbS band.
  2. Sickling can demonstrated by reducing the O2 tension in the sealed hanging drop preparation or on a smear after mixing the blood with 2% sodium metasulphite soln.
  3. Beyond infancy -RBC from patient with Hb SS contain between 2-20% of Hb F, Hb A2- normal, Hb A – absent RBC of heterozygous (sickle cell trait) individuals have been shown to resist invasion by malarial parasites.
  4. Osteomyelitis in a case of sickle cell anemia is due to salmonella
  5. Streptococcus pneumoniae is the most frequent bacteria responsible for infection in sickle cell anemia.

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