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Central Nervous System

Cerebellar and cerebral cortices
  1. Cerebellar cortex:
    1. Molecular layer (cell processes, but few cells).
    2. Purkinje cell layer.
    3. Granule cell layer (densely packed small neurons) (underlying white matter).
  1. Cerebral neocortex:
    1. Molecular layer. Layers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 with varying proportions of stellate, fusiform and small, medium, and large pyramidal cells (white matter).
Brain stem
  1. Resembles the spinal cord in having nerve cell bodies grouped in nuclei and nerve fibres in tracts.
  2. Some special nuclei of the brain stem and hypothalamus are:
    1. The reticular formation is an extensive system of groups of neurons serving many vital tasks, but whose nuclear organization is hard to discern.
    2. Neurons of the substantia nigra contain melanin pigment and dopamine.
    3. Certain hypothalamic nuclei have neurosecretory neurons.

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