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Lymphoid Organs

  1. The primary lymphoid organs - thymus and fetal bone marrow - store, release and confer competence on the lymphocytes that populate the secondary organs and CTs, but do not participate directly in defence.
  2. Lymphocytes migrate in the blood and lymphatic flows for:
    1. The initial colonization of spleen, etc;
    2. a constant vigilant patrol by recirculation around the body, as memory or naive cells;
    3. the propagation of an active immune response, as activated cells.
  3. The secondary lymphoid organs provide:
    1. APCs/reticular cells and macrophages to activate lymphocytes;
    2. Many lymphocytes to respond to a major antigenic challenge coming via the blood (spleen) or lymph (nodes);
    3. Lymphocytes to propagate the immune response further, say, to recruit other nodes ;
    4. A cleansing action by macrophages to remove undesirable materials from blood and lymph undesirable.

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