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Important Historical Milestones In Anesthesia.

  1. The word anesthesia means No senses was suggested by Oliver Wendell Holmes
  2. Term balanced anesthesia was coined by John Lundy & Ralph M. Waters
  3. Nitrous oxide was first synthesized by Priestly (1774). Priestly also synthesized oxygen.
  4. First clinical use of nitrous oxide was done by ‘Horace Wells’ who did a tooth extraction
  5. First public demonstration of ether anesthesia was given by William Thomas Green (WTG) Morton in 1846 on Oct. 16th
    16th October celebrated as world anaesthesia day
  6. John Snow popularize chloroform & used it at Queen Victoria for childbirth of her 8th child. He was first person to write book on anaesthesia for which he is considered to be the father of anaesthesia.
  7. Carl Koller was the first person to make use of analgesic properties of Cocaine. He anaesthetized cornea with cocaine.
  8. First spinal in human beings was given by August Beir (1898). Cocaine was the first drug used for spinal.
  9. Harold Griffith used ‘Curare’ products for muscle relaxation.
  10. Succinylcholine was synthesized by Bovet
  11. First I/V anesthetic was thiopentone by John Lundy and Ralph waters in 1934
  12. First anaesthesia machine by Edmund Gaskin Boyle
  13. First intubation by Ivan Magill
  14. Sir Robert Reynolds Macintosh (1897–1989) achieved significant advances in techniques for tracheal intubation when he introduced his new curved laryngoscope blade in 1943.
  15. First Larygeal Mask Airway- Archie Brain

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