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DNA Fingerprinting (Profiling)

  1. With the exception of truly identical twins , the structure of each person’s DNA is unique.
  2. The sample for DNA testing must contain nucleated cells, e.g. Leucocytes, seminal fluid, brain, bone marrow, muscles, skin, dental pulp, hair with root sheath, dried stains.
  3. The blood or few hair roots on the crime weapon can be matched with complete confidence with victim’s blood or criminal’s blood.
  4. DNA testing surpasses blood group test as it can distinguish between mixed semen and vaginal fluid which can confuse blood group technique. In paternity testing an absolute identification can be made, rather than a more probable exclusion.
  5. Applications : Linking body parts,
    1. Baby mix-ups,
    2. Identification of person suffering from loss of memory.
    3. Determination of sex of fetus from the fetal cells present in mother’s blood.

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