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Tests done to identify blood stains            

  1. Microchemical tests:
    1. Takayama’s haemochromogen crystal test. (pink feathery crystals of haemochromogen)
    2. Teichmann’s haemin crystal test. (brown crystals, of haematin chloride)              
  2. Macrochemical tests: Chemical tests based on H2O2
    1. Benzidine test                                                      
    2. Toluidine blue test                                                            
    3. Leuchomalachite green test &  peroxidase enz.
    4. Kastle-mayer test or Phenolpthalein test.
    5. Spectroscopic. – most reliable test for detecting blood in recent as well as old stains
  3. Tests for Blood Grouping Of The Stains
    1. Vertical or horizontal slab
    2. vertical disc
    3. Mixed agglutination
    4. Iso-electric focussing
    5. Absorption inhibition
    6. cellulose acetate membrane
    7. Absorption elution

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