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If Wernicke’s area is damaged in the dominant hemisphere, it will result in? (AIIMS May 2010)

A Irrelevant and rapid speech

B No effect on speech

C Speech with difficulty in articulation

D Incomprehension of written language

Fig: Mechanisms of speech and language.

Ans. A

Irrelevant and rapid speech

1. Wernicke’s area is the sensory speech area.

2. It lies at temporo parietal junction. It is concerned with speech understanding.

3. Broca’s area: Lies at inferior frontal gyrus. It is the motor speech area.

4. These two centres are connected by arcuate fasiculus.

5. If Wernicke’s area is damaged in the dominant hemisphere, the syndrome resulting will be sensory speech disturbance - the lack of ability to perceive the pitch, rhythm, and emotional tone of speech. Speech out flow is preserved, but language content is incorrect. This may vary from the insertion of a few incorrect or nonexistent words to a profuse outpouring of jargon. Grammar, syntax, rate, intonation and stress are normal. Substitutions of one word for another (paraphasias, e.g. “telephone” for “television”) are common. Comprehension and repetition are poor.