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  1. Present in circ. Blood (10-20% of P/B lymphocytes)
  2. LNs & spleen (in lymphoid follicles), GIT
  3. B cells Ag stimulus Plasma cells Igs. 
  1. Mediators of humoral immunity
    1. Recognize Ag via B-cell antigen receptor complex
    2. IgM and IgD (present on surface of all B cells) constitutes Ag binding comp. of BCR
    3. BCR has unique antigen specificity 
  2. (Rearrangement Ig gene - used as molecular marker of B lineage cells)
    1. B cell associated markers: CD10 (CALLA), CD19, CD20. CD21 (FBV receptor) CD22 CD23
    2. Igα & Ig β€on B cell membrane required for signal transudation (- to CD3)
    3. CD40 molecule (member of TNF receptor family) present on B cells - interactions between T helper cells & B cells Q
    4. Activated T helper cells express CD 40 ligand binds to CD40 on B cells essential for B cell maturation and secretion of antibodies

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