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In resting stage respiration does not depend upon (AIIMS NOV 2010)


C J receptor
D Stretch receptor

Ans. C J receptor

I. Factors affecting the respiratory centre

a. Chemical

CO2 / O2 / H+: via chemoreceptors. infact CO2 is the main drive for respiration.

b. Non – chemical

i. Vagal afferents from airways / lungs :Via Stretch receptors called as Hering-Breuer Reflexes

1) Hering-Breur Inflation reflexis an increase in the duration of expiration - produced by steady lung inflation.

2) Hering-Breuer deflation reflex is a decreased in the duration of expiration produced by marked deflation of the lung .

They maintain normal tidal, resting ventilation and prevent hyperinflation & collapse of lungs.


1) Pons / hypothalamus / limbic system

2) Proprioceptors

3) Baroreceptors

II. J-Reflex (J receptors or Juxtracapillary receptors):

a. They are present in alveolar interstitium, supplied by Unmyelinated C fibres of vagus.

b. They are stimulated by hyperinflation of the lung, but they respond as well to intravenous or intracardiac administration of chemicals such as Capsaicin, Increased fluid in alveolar interstitium.

c. The reflex response that is produced is apnea followed by rapid breathing, bradycardia and hypotension (pulmonary chemoreflex). Eg. CHF, Pulmonary odema, Heavy exercise etc.

d. They have no role in physiological conditions so are not required to maintain resting respiration.