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In which of the following metabolic alkalosis is not seen: (Latest Questions), (DNB June-2010)

A Thiazide therapy
B Ureterosigmoidostomy

C Persistent vomiting
D Cushing syndrome

Ans. B Causes of Metabolic Alkalosis

I. Exogenous HCO3- loads

II. Acute alkali administration

III. Milk-alkali syndrome

IV. Effective ECFV contraction, normotension, Vomiting, Gastric aspiration, Congenital chloridorrhea,

V. K deficiency, and secondary hyperreninemic

VI. Villous adenoma

VII. hyperaldosteronism

VIII. Diuretics, Edematous states, Posthypercapnic state,

IX. Hypercalcemia/hypoparathyroidism

X. Recovery from lactic acidosis or ketoacidosis, Nonreabsorbable anions including penicillin, carbenicillin,

XI. Mg2+ deficiency, K+ depletion, Bartter’s syndrome Gitelman’s syndrome.