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Infective Arthritis

  1. Tom Smith Arthritis
    Arthritis is septic arthritis of hip in infants which may destroy the cartilaginous femur head rapidly and completely (chondrolysis). So child presents with limp, unstable gait shortening of limb, telecopy and increased hip movements in all direction.

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  1. Septic Arthritis
    1. The hematogenous route of infection is the most common route in all age groups
    2. It results in bony ankylosis and it is the most common cause of bony ankylosis.
  1. S. Aureus is most common organism
Investigations are done in following order:
  1. X-Rays
  2. NRI to see joint structures to look at any effusion/synovitis
  3. Aspiration of the joint to send fluid for investigations



Arthrotomy – opening the joint capsule and giving antibiotics similar to osteomyelitis (6 weeks)

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