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Synovial Sheaths

Many of the tendons entering the hand are surrounded by synovial sheaths. Extent of these sheaths is of surgical importance as they ca be infected.

  1. Digital Synovial Sheaths
    1. The synovial sheaths of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th digits are independent and terminate proximally at the levels of the heads of the metacarpals.
    2. The synovial sheath of the little finger is continuous proximally with the ulnar bursa, and that of the thumb with the radial bursa.
    3. Therefore, infections of the little finger and thumb are more dangerous because they can spread into the palm and even up to 2.5cm above the wrist.

  1. Ulnar bursa
    1. Infection of this bursa is usually secondary to the infection of the little finger, and this in turn may spread to the forearm space of the Parona.
    2. It results in an hour-glass swelling (so called because there is one swelling in the palm and another in the distal part of the forearm, the two being joined by a constriction in the region of the flexor retinaculum).
    3. It is also called Compound Palmar Ganglion.
  2. Radial Bursa
    Infection of the thumb may spread to the radial bursa.

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