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Antemortem versus post-mortem wounds

Ante-mortem wounds

Post-mortem wounds

Haemorrhage- copious, arterial.

Haemorrhage- slight, venous.

Spurting of blood.

No spurting of blood.

Firmly clotted blood.

Not clotted blood; Currant-jelly or chicken-fat clot.

Deep staining of edges & tissues, not removed by washing.

Edges & tissues not stained; removed by washing.

Edges gape due to normal elasticity, are swollen, everted.

Edges do not gape but closely approximated.

Vital reaction/ Inflammation & repair seen.

No vital reaction/ No inflammation or repair.

Esterases, ATP, aminopeptidase, acid PO4ase, alkaline PO4ase enzyme reaction seen.

No enzyme reaction.

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