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Types of firearms


Rifled weapons: the barrel of the weapon is rifled (lands and grooves) from inside. It is of following 2 types:

  1. Hand gun: short barrel and operated easily with hands.
    1. pistol: magazine carrying the cartridge empty cartridges are ejected out from the automatic pistol.
    2. revolver: magazine carrying the cartridges is in the form of a revolving wheel located at the breech end. The empty cartridge remains inside the revolver. range = 100 m
  2. Rifle: comparatively long barrel.
    1. single shot
    2. multi shot
      1. semi – automatic/self loading (SLR 7.62mm)
      2. fully automatic (eg: machine gun)
  3. Smooth bore firearms/SHOT GUNS: the barrel of the weapon is smooth from inside.
    1. Breech loading
    2. Muzzle loading
    3. Magazine loading  

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