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Interstitial nephritis is seen with all except: (AIIMS May 07)

A Beta lactam inhibitors

C Diuretics
D Allopurinol

Ans. B INH

Causes of Tubulointerstitial Disease (Ref. H-18th Edi, P- 2367 Table 285-1)

A. Toxins

1 Exogenous toxins

a. Analgesic nephropathy

b. Lead nephropathy

c. Miscellaneous nephrotoxins - (beta lactam antibiotics) cyclosporine, radiographic contrast media, heavy metals

2 Metabolic toxins

a. Acute uric acid nephropathy

b. Gouty nephropathy

c. Hypercalcemic nephropathy

d. Hypokalemic nephropathy

e. Miscellaneous (hyperoxaluria, cystinosis)

B. Neoplasia

1. Lymphoma 2. Leukemia 3. Multiple myeloma

C. Immune disorders

1. Hypersensitivity nephropathy 2. Sjogren’s syndrome 3. Amyloidosis

4. Transplant rejection 5. AIDS

D. Vascular disorders

1. Sickle cell nephropathy

E. Hereditary renal diseases

1. Hereditary nephritis (Alport’s syndrome)

F. Infectious injury

1. Acute pyelonephritis 2. Chronic pyelonephritis

G. Miscellaneous disorders

1. Chronic urinary tract obstruction 2. Vesicoureteral reflux 3. Radiation nephritis.