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The simplest way to Conceptualize a Psychiatric disorder is a Disturbance of Cognition (thought), Conation (action), and Affect (feelings/emotions) or any disequilibrium between three domains. A Psychiatric Disorder should be a manifestation of behavioral, psychological, and /or Biological dysfunction of that Person.
Classification is the Process by which phenomenon are organized into categories. Classification of psychiatric disorders, are syndromal. A syndrome is defined as a group of symptoms and signs that often occur together, and delineate a recognizable clinical condition.

There are three major purposes of classification of psychiatric disorders:
  1. To enable Communication regarding the diagnosis of disorders,
  2. To Facilitate comprehension of the underlying causes of these disorders, and
  3. To aid Prediction of the prognosis of psychiatric disorders.
The Syndromal approach of classification ,in the absence of clearly known a etiologies, fulfils these purposes reasonably well.

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