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Nicholas Andry, a French physician coined the word "orthopaedics", derived from Greek words for "correct" or "straight" ("orthos") and "child" ("paidion"), in 1741, when at the age of 81 he published Orthopaedia: or the Art of Correcting and Preventing Deformities in Children.
The "crooked tree" which has become the symbol for orthopaedic organizations around the world is also derived from his book.
Nicholas Andry’s and his symbolic Symbolic Tree
In recent years, the prevalence and developments in musculoskeletal procedures specially knee arthroplasty, hip replacement, spine surgeries  and treatment of hip or lower extremity fracture or dislocation has drastically increased in the worldwide, leading to development of orthopaedic subspecialities.This is also reflecting in the questions asked in the recents years entrance test.
Chapters in this book is arranged according to these subspecialisations covering high yield point asked in exams and each chapter is followed by  MCQ taken from different recent entrance exam.

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