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Drug Treatment


Drug And Dosage

Indications And Precautions




Inadequate or inco-ordinate uterine contractions









Pethidine IM 100 mg immediately

1% lidocaine


Oxytocin IV 10-20 IU in 1000 mL in5

% dextrose in water initiate with

0.1-0.2 mL/minute, increase by 0.1-

0.2mL/minute at 40-minute

intervals until the desired response

is achieved



Oxytocin IM 5-10 IU


4-6 cm cervical dilatation fist stage

Local anesthetic for episiotomy

Second Stage do not exceed 20ml

Only for primipara

Titrate to individual needs

Contraction frequency should never

Exceed 5 in 10 minutes

Only use if inadequate or inco


Uterine contractions

Fetal distress after the delivery of

the Shoulders patients at high risk

for bleeding

RH incompatibility

Anti-D immunoglobulin IM 100


Must be given whenever required

for Rh-negative mother

Clinical labor commences when uterine contraction has values between 80 – 120 Montevideo units – which in effect –means contraction of 40 mm Hg every 10 minutes.

  1. Uterine contractions are clinically palpable only once the intensity reaches 40 mm Hg.
  2. Painful uterine contractions – 15 mm Hg.

Refer to chapter 18 on anatomy of female genital tract for internal iliac artery branches and the importance of its ligation in PPH

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