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Liver & GIT

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Lallo, aged 54 years, who is a known diabetic patient develops cirrhosis. There is associated skin hyperpig-mentation and restrictive cardiomyopathy which of the following is the best initial test to diagnose this case.

A Iron binding capacity
B Serum ferritin

C Serum copper
D Serum ceruloplasmin

Ans. A Iron binding capacity


i. The serum ferritin is greatly increased;

ii. Plasma iron increased,

iii. High transferrin saturation

Serum Fe

TS = --------------------------------


Note: (Transferrin saturation (TS) > 45% is earliest phenotypic marker)

Extra Edge:

1. The diagnosis is confirmed by liver biopsy. Which shows heavy iron deposition and hepatic fibrosis which may have progressed to cirrhosis.

2. The iron content of the liver can be measured directly.