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  1. Vertebral bodies mainly develop from ventral sclerotome (VS) and hemivertebra occurs due to a defect of VS.
  2. Defect of dorsal segment may result in spina bifida.
  3. Primary curvatures in the vertebral column are present since birth and are – thoracic and lumbar curvatures.
  4. Cervical vertebrae are identified by the following features:
    a. Foramen transversarium                       
    b. Small oval body
    c. Triangular vertebral canal                     
    d. Bifid spine
  5. In a new born the spinal cord extends till the upper border of L3
  6. Two meninges & 2 spaces terminate at the S2 vertebra: duramater & arachnoid mater (meninges) and subdural & subarachnoid (spaces) respectively.
  7. Triangle of Auscultation is bounded by 2 muscles and scapula.

1. Superiorly – Trapezius                                          
2. Inferiorly – Latissimus dorsi

3. Laterally – medial wall of Scapula.


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