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Contrasts of various procedures

Gastrografin (Dionosil)
Bronchography   Dionosil (Tantalum)
OCG Iopanoic acid (Telepaque)
IV cholecystography Biligrafin
Lymphangiography Methylene blue
MRI Gadolinium
CT scan Non-ionic water-soluble iodine CM
Coronary angiography Conray 420
Hysterosalpingography Conray 280/420
Cerebral angiography, Aortography Conray 280
IVP Non-ionic water-soluble iodine CM
Ventriculography    Iohexol,(Omnipaque),Metrizamide
DSA, Myelography Myodil

Imp. Findings of Skull

Geographical skull
(lytic lesions + bevelled edges)                   ------ Eosinophilic granuloma
Punched out lesions in skull                        ------ Multiple myeloma
Brush border skull (Tru cut appearance)      ------ Cong. Hemolytic anemia esp thalassemia
Chicken-wire calcification                           ------ Chondroblastoma (Codman’s tumour)
Silver beaten appearance                           ------ Raised ICT
Salt peeper skull                                       ------ Hyperparathyroidism
Sun ray appearance                                   ------ Meningioma
Calcification of imp. Structures
Basal ganglia calcification Calcification of pinna
Hypoparathyroidism (2nd MC) Ochronosis
Idiopathic with age (MC)   Frost bite
Lead & CO poisoning Gout
Wilson's ds   Addison’s ds
Cysticercosis       Cockayne’s synd.

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