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Pyloric obstruction Single bubble sign
Ladds bands
Annular pancreas
Duodenal atresia, obstruction
Double bubble sign
Acute pancreatitis Renal halo sign
Gasless abdomen sign
Colon cut-off sign
Sentinel loop sign
Chronic pancreatitis Beaded appearance
String of pearls sign
Chain of lakes appearance
Rat tail stricture of CBD
Carcinoma pancreas Double duct sign
Scrambled egg appearance
Inverted 3 sign
Rose thorning of 2nd part of duodenum
Widened duodenal C loop
Achalasia cardia Bird beak sign on barium swallow
Hurst phenomenon
Diffuse esophageal spasm Cork screw appearance on barium swallow
CHPS On barium meal:
a. Beak sign                     b. Double track Sign
c. Tram track sign            d. Shoulder sign
e. String sign                    f. Diamond sign
g. Twinning recess           h. Pyloric teat
 i. Teat sign                       j. Mushroom sign
k. Caterpillar sign
Gall stone with gas Seagull sign
Mercedes benz sign
Crow feet sign
Ulcerative colitis Lead pipe appearance
Chron’s disease String of Cantor
Bulls eye lesion
Target lesion
Ischemic colitis Thumb printing sign
Intussusseption a. Pincer sign                          b. Claw sign
c. Target sign                          d. Meniscus sign
e. Coiled spring appearance   f. Crescent in doughnut sign
g. Pseudokidney sign              h. Sandwich sign
i. Hay fork sign                         j. Hamburger sign
k. Doughnut sign                      l. Signa de dance
m. Dance sign
Midgut volvulus Whirlpool sign
Sigmoid volvulus a. Coffee bean sign              b. Bent tyre tube sign
c. Liver overlap sign             d. Pelvis overlap sign
e. Left flank overlap sign
Diverticulitis of colon Saw tooth appearance on barium enema
Ca Colon Napkins sign
Benign gastic ulcer Hamptons line
Malignant gastric ulcer Carmens meniscus sign
Kirkland complex
Ileal atresia Apple peal appearance
Ileo-cecal tuberculosis a. Fleishner sign             b. Inverted umbrella defect
c. Steirlin sign                d. Amputed cecum
e. Goose neck deformity
Pneumoperitoneum Liver edge sign
Falciform ligament sign
Gall bladder sign
Diaphragmatic muscle slip sign / Leaping dolphin sign
Luscent liver sign
Anterosuperior bubble sign
Doge’s cap sign
Riglers double wall sign
American footballs sign
Cupola’s sign
Triangle sign
Visible transverse mesocolon sign.
Visible small bowel mesentary sign
Pneumo-omentum / Pneumo-mesocolon
Urachus sign
Medial / Lateral umbilical fold sign
Inverted V sign
Coeliac sprue Moulage sign
Small bowel obstruction String of beads sign
Stepladder appearance
Concertina effect
Candy-cone appearance
Snake head appearance on barium study
Acute appendicitis Arrowhead sign
Rovsings sign
Diverticulitis of colon Bowlers hat sign
HCC Straight line sign
Adenomyomatosis of gall bladder Comet-tail sign on USG
Caroli’s disease Central dot sign
Biliary atresia Triangular cord sign
Esophageal candisiasis Shaggy esophagus
Pseudomembranous colitis Accordion sign
Emphysematous cholecystitis Champagne sign
Pneumatoses cystoides coli Cluster of grapes sign
Midgut volvulus Corkscrew sign
Diaphragmatic rupture Dependant viscera sign
Mesenteric panniculitis Fat ring sign
Extraperitoneal bladder rupture Molar tooth sign
Graft versur host disease Ribbon bowel appearance on barium
Small bowel volvulus Spokewheel sign
Peritoneal carcinomatosis Straight line sign on PET

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