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Important pH

  1. Salivary pH= 7
  2. Gastric pH = 1.2-1.3
  3. Duodenal pH = 8

Causes of Unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia

  1. Physiological neonatal jaundice
  2. Crigler-Najjar syndrome
  3. Gilbert's syndrome

Causes of Conjugated hyperbilirubinemia

  1. Dubin Johnson syndrome
  2. Neonatal hepatitis Function of peritoneum
  3. Pain perception is by parietal periotenum
  4. Intestinal absorption is faster for monosaccharides
  5. Highest amount of K+ is in saliva.
  6. Normal basal acid output is 1-2 ml/hr.


  1. Fe2+ - absorbed in this form in duodenum by DMT-1 transporter.
  2. Fe3+ -this form present in diet and also stored in this form
  3. Transferrin - Iron transport protein in plasma
  4. Ferritin - storage from

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