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Last Minute Revision

  1. Lederberg and Tatum (1946) described the phenomenon of : Conjugation
  2. Father of modem Microbiology is : Louis Pasteur or Robert Koch
  3. Rosette formation with sheep RBC's indicates functioning of : T-cells
  4. The Immunoglobulin maximum in infants and start declining by 4-5 months is : IgG
  5. Prozone phenomenon is : Because of disproportionate levels of antigen and antibody
  6. Glassware’s are sterilized by : Hot air oven
  7. The phenomenon of genetic reassortment : can occur during reovirus & influenza virus replication
  8. Interferon: is species specific., reacts with cells and the affected cells then become resistant to a number of
  9. different viruses
  10. "L-form "phenomenon is most likely to occur in : Proteus
  11. Babes Ernest granules are found in : Corynebacterium diphtheria
  12. 'Stalactite' growth is a feature of: Yersinia pestis
  13. Pleomorphism is most commonly seen in: Corynebacterium diphtheria, Proteus, Yersinia
  14. Exotoxins are: highly antigenic
  15. Okazaki fragment is: DNA
  16. Clostridium perfringens: are nonmotile organism.
  17. SABE is most commonly caused by : staphylococcus aureus
  18. Epiglottitis is caused by : H. influenza
  19. Antigenic drift is commonly seen in : Influenza virus
  20. Rheumatic fever is most commonly caused by : Streptococcus Pyogens
  21. For Leprosy, culture most suitable is: Foot pad of mice
  22. Toxic shock syndrome is caused by: Staphylococci
  23. Toxin producing gene is transmitted among C. diphtheria by: Lysogenic conversion
  24. Sh. dysenteriae : produces enterotoxin
  25. No. of mycobacteria required. to be detected by AFB staining is (per ml): 15000-20000
  26. Bacteria not obeying Koch's postulates is : Mycobacterium Leprae
  27. The virulence factor for streptococcus is : M-protein
  28. Borrelia causes: Relapsing fever
  29. Relapsing fever is transmitted by : Lice
  30. The commonest rickettsial disease is : Scrub typhus
  31. Negri bodies are commonly found in : Hippocampus
  32. Guarnieri bodies are seen in : Small pox
  33. Type of HPV associated with carcinoma cervix is : 16,18,31
  34. Highly specific test for HIV antibodies is : Western Blot
  35. Marker of Hepatitis infectivity is : Anti HBc (+), HBsAg (+), HBeAg (+)
  36. Candida is most often implicated in causation of: Thrush
  37. Fungal meningitis is caused by : Cryptococcus.
  38. Organisms can cause mycetomas: Actinomadura madurae, Madurella mycetomatis
  39. Tetanus is Not caused by : endotoxin.
  40. Trichinella spiralis : does not cause pulmonary eosinophilia.
  41. Enterobius vermicularis : in its life cycle does not pass through the lungs
  42. Pseudomonas aeruginosa : does not ferments glucose forming acid and gas.
  43. Virus core of HIV 1 virus does not contain: Endonuclease enzyme.
  44. The commonest cause of malaria in the world is : P. Vivax
  45. Ascaris(fertilized): has ova floating and bile stained
  46. Man is intermediate host for: P.vivax
  47. The calcified hydatid cyst is most commonly seen in : Liver
  48. Largest intestinal protozoa is : Balantidium collo
  49. R-2 type of drug resistance in malaria is: Decline of parasitemia by 75% in hours followed by persistence
  50. Giardiasis is best diagnosed by : Presence of both cysts and trophozoites in stools
  51. Metronidazole can be used to treat infections caused by: Gardnerella vaginalis,
  52. E. histolytica, Trichomonas vaginalis
  53. The best antirabies vaccine is : HDC vaccine
  54. BCG vaccine if constituted has to be used in : 1 hr
  55. The commonest bacterial cause of diarrhea in children is : Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli
  56. The most common cause of antibiotic induced colitis is due to : Clostridium difficile
  57. Actinomycosis is a: Bacteria
  58. Tumbling motility is shown by : Listeria
  59. Eaton agent is: Mycoplasma
  60. Most reliable investigation for diagnosis in syphilis is: FTA-ABS
  61. "Pea-soup stool' is characteristically seen in : Typhoid
  62. Herd immunity is Not useful in protection against: Tetanus
  63. H. nana: is dwarf tapeworm
  64. Reinfection TB is almost exclusively a disease of the : Lungs
  65. Multiple drug resistance spreads by : Conjugation
  66. Ito's test is useful in the diagnosis of: Chancroid
  67. Cutaneous larve migrans is due to : Ankylostoma brazillienses
  68. Dark ground illumination helps to detect: Leptospira, Treponema, Borrelia
  69. Rheumatoid factor is: 19 S globulin
  70. Ova floats in saturated saline are of: H. nana
  71. Commonest immunoglobulin deficiency is of: IgA
  72. Asteroid bodies and cigar shaped globi may be produced by: Sporotrichosis
  73. Visceral larva migrans is due to : Toxocara canis
  74. P. falciparum the no. of cycles, the parasite undergoes in the liver is : 1
  75. Fried egg colony is seen in culture of: Mycoplasma
  76. Satellitism is seen in culture of: hemophilus
  77. Casoni test is positive in: Echinococcus
  78. Non-sheathed microfilaria are: M.ozzardi, Streptocerca
  79. Chronic hepatitis is most common in infection with : Hepatitis-B
  80. Endemic typhus is transmitted by: Rattle.
  81. Organism detected in ischiorectal fossa: E.coli-.
  82. Meningoencephalitis caused by which amoeba: Naegleria.
  83. Infection Not transmitted transplacentally is: Polio .
  84. Type-IV hypersensitivity reaction is : Mantoux test
  85. Route of transmission of Hepatitis -E virus is: Faeco-oral
  86. Carrier state in liver disease is due to infection with: HBV2
  87. Hepatitis-A virus: is Not transmitted through blood or serum.
  88. EBV causes: Nasopharyngeal carcinoma.
  89. IgM: Activates classical complement.
  90. First immunoglobulin to appear infection : IgM
  91. Sabin Feldman test is used in : Toxoplasmosis.
  92. Route of transmission of toxoplasma : Blood
  93. Widal test is an example of: Agglutination test
  94. Pseudomembranous enterocolitis is caused by : Cl Difficile.
  95. Histoplasma capsulatum is: Dimorphic fungi
  96. L.D. bodies are seen in : Human spleen.
  97. Ascaris lumbricoides is : Nematode.
  98. The intermediate host for T.Saginata is: Cow.
  99. The largest protozoan infection is : Balantidium coli.
  100. Strain of streptococci is implicated in neonatal meningitis is : Group-B.
  101. Toxoplasmosis is: Teratogenicity is maximum in first trimester of pregnancy.
  102. Hepatitis-B: HbsAg may be present in saliva
  103. The diagnostic test for rickettsial infection is : Weil-felix reaction .
  104. The causative agent of Lime's disease: Borrelia burgdorfen
  105. Proctoscope is sterilized by : Glutaraldehyde.
  106. Clostridium tetani is : Gram positive spore forming.
  107. The sulphur granules in the wound are diagnostic of: Actinomyces.
  108. The intracytoplasmic inclusion bodies are diagnostic of: Rabies.
  109. Legionella pneumonia is: Can be isolated from lung biopsy.
  110. HIV virus has predilection for infecting: CD4 + T-cells.
  111. Botulinum toxin acts by : Inhibits Ach release.
  112. Fermentation of glycerol is the basis of classification of: Yersinia.
  113. Elek test is used in : Diphtheria.
  114. Johne's bacillus is : M. Paratuberculosis.
  115. Pikes medium is used for transport of: Streptococci.
  116. Torres bodies are seen in : Yellow fever.
  117. Draughtsman concentric rings on culture are produced by : Pneumococci.
  118. Malt worker’s lung is caused by : Aspergillus clavatus.
  119. Type -I hypersensitivity is mediated by: IgA
  120. The serum concentration of which human IgG subclass is maximum: IgG
  121. Epsilon aminocaproic acid given prophylactically is useful if used in : CI inhibitor deficiency
  122. In Legionnaire's disease, the culture medium used is : BCYE medium
  123. Heat labile instruments for use in surgical procedures can be best sterilized by : Ethylene oxide gas
  124. Bread crumb colony appearance is of: Actinomyces Israeli
  125. Weil-Felix reaction is: agglutination reaction
  126. HIY can be detected and confirmed by: Reverse transcriptase-PCR.
  127. Dengue virus belongs to the family of: Flaviviridae.
  128. Fecal leucocytes are present in: Campylobacter injection
  129. Aldehyde test is used for: Leishmania.
  130. O157 strain of E.coli can be grown in: Hoekten agar.
  131. Buruli ulcer is caused by: Mycobacterium ulcerans.
  132. Duffy blood group antigen negativity confers protection against infection by : P. vivax.
  133. HACEK group of organisms include: Haemophilus-Actinobacillus-Cardiobacterium-Eikenella- Kingella
  134. Most common species of Pseudomonas causing intravenous catheter related infections is: P. cepacia.
  135. Most sensitive diagnostic test for dengue is: IgM ELISA
  136. Nitroblue Tetrazolium test is used for: Phagocytes
  137. Prions is : Defect in folding of proteins
  138. Simian virus 40 : is Not an RNA virus
  139. The most common organism isolated in emphysematous pyelonephritis is : E.coll2
  140. Measles: is Not teratogenic virus
  141. Only hepatitis virus which can be cultured is : HAV
  142. Lancefield classification based on : Carbohydrate antigen.
  143. Selective media for vibrio: TCBS
  144. Malta fever is caused by : Brucella melitensis
  145. Most common species of pseudomonas causing intravascular catheter related infection is P. aeruginosa
  146. Culture media for leptospirosis: Korthof
  147. Intermediate host for hydatid disease: Man.
  148. Autoinfection is seen with: Strongyloides.
  149. Campylobacter: is microaerophilic.
  150. Infective stage for mosquito in case of P. vivax is : Gametocyte
  151. Maltese cross on polarized microscopy is seen in : Penicillium marneffii
  152. Clostridium perfringens : the major enzyme secreted is lecithinase.
  153. Quaternary ammonium compounds: works by plasma membrane damage.
  154. Burkholderia cepacia is infrequently seen in : Air
  155. Immunoglobulin in Peyer's patch is: IgA.
  156. Wiskott Aldrich syndrome is: Wasp gene mutation.
  157. Weil's disease is caused by : Leptospira.
  158. Central component of complement system is :c3
  159. C3b: acts as an opsonin .
  160. Most common deep mycosis in India is : Histoplasmosis.
  161. Causative agent of Yaws : Treponema pertenue
  162. Chlamydia escapes killing by : Molecular mimicry
  163. Mucormycosis is : zygomycosis
  164. Ascaris lumbricoides : does not cause malabsorption
  165. Maximum Vertical transmission of Hepatitis B occurs: During delivery
  166. Generation time of Mycobacterium leprae : 12-14 days
  167. Myocardium involvement is seen in : Trichinella
  168. Endemic typhus: gives positive test with both Weil Felix reaction and OX-19
  169. Gonorrhoea is identified by: growth fermentation of glucose
  170. Antigenic variation is not seen in : Influenza virus Type C
  171. Only true yeast to cause CNS infection: Cryptococcus
  172. Primary amoebic meningitis is caused by : Naegleria fowleri
  173. Meliodosis is caused by : Burkholderia pseudomallei
  174. Clostridium is a Anaerobic bacteria
  175. Asteroid bodies are seen in : Sporotrichosis
  176. Bacillary angiomatis is caused by : Bartonella henselae
  177. Pyomyositis is caused by : Staph. Aureus
  178. Casoni test is used in : Hydatid disease
  179. Mature cyst of E. histolytica has: 4 nuclei
  180. TH1: is responsible for stimulating cell mediated immunity
  181. IL-l is secreted by: neutrophils, macrophage, epithelial cells
  182. IL causing fever: IL-6
  183. Glass Syringes are sterilized by : Autoclave
  184. Lymphoproliferative virus is: EB virus
  185. Chances of HIV after needle prick injury: 1/300.
  186. Organism not causing endocarditis: Salmonella.
  187. Normal vaginal anaerobe: Lactobacillus.
  188. Madura mycosis is Not caused by : Mucor
  189. Ascospores : are Not asexual spores or fungi.  

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